Do you want to know how to customise your WordPress theme?

If you started using WordPress we can help you customise your WordPress theme. We will show you how to edit the stylesheets that define the formatting of WordPress content, to make your site unique.

We run scheduled training courses in Sheffield and Chesterfield or organise a bespoke course for creation and maintenance of your organisation website.

Do you want to know more about customising WordPress? Please enquire for details or have a look at our CSS courses.

Customising WordPress

Duration ½ day   

  1. and
  2. Understanding the WordPress installation
  3. Installing and using WordPress Plugins
  4. Essential Plugins for
    1. Backup
    2. Security
    3. SEO
    4. Statistics
    5. Child stylesheets
  5. Creating User Accounts
  6. Understanding basic Cascading StyleSheet rules
    1. External, embedded, inline styles
    2. Selectors- tag, class, pseudo-class, id styles
  7. CSS formatting
    1. text, background, links, block elements, borders, margins
  8. Using child stylesheets
  9. Modifying the CSS used to format WordPress themes
    1. Using browsers to inspect code
  10. Finding support for your WordPress theme
  11. WordPress and e-commerce


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