HTML - HyperText Markup Language the basic language that creates web pages.

What is HTML? It is the language used to create the structure and content of your web pages. Cascading Stylesheets are used to format the web pages. No special web design software is needed to write HTML, any text editor can be used. Our courses are informative and enjoyable with small class sizes and experienced trainers, ensuring you get a quality learning experience.

Scheduled courses in Sheffield and Chesterfield or why not organise a bespoke course tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

Introduction to HTML - What will I cover?


By the end of the course, using practical hands-on tuition, you will have an understanding of the following features and techniques:

  1. The structure of the HTML page
  2. Standards, browsers, HTML/XHTML
  3. Formatting with paragraphs, line breaks and headings
  4. Lists - setting up bulleted or numbered lists
  5. Links - understand the difference between the different kinds of links used in HTML
  6. Graphics - learn how to insert images into your Web pages
  7. Tables - how to use tables for structured data
  8. Search engines - understand how your site can be found by the search engines
  9. Home Pages- find out what a home page is and why every site should have one
  10. Structure - learn how to structure your web site


The above outlines are intended as a guide only, topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content can be tailored to suit client's needs.

Please contact us for charges and further details on either bespoke or scheduled courses. Telephone: 07813 923244